NFL player, wife sue over ‘stink’ bathroom

Wood screen doors are a common bathroom fixture, but they’re becoming increasingly difficult to clean and maintain.

The NFL Players Association sued the NFL last week in federal court in San Diego over the company that manufactures and sells them, alleging the company has a “dangerous practice of using a defective product to conceal a defective device.”

Wood screen doors and shower doors were created decades ago to help people stay warm in the winter, but the company began to use them to protect against mold and bacteria in the summer.

The lawsuit alleges the company failed to disclose to players and the general public that the products contained mold and/or bacteria and has also failed to provide warnings about the risks of using the product.

It is alleged the company did not warn players about the potential for a fire hazard or the risk of mold and the bacteria.

The lawsuit alleges that the company had a history of failing to properly store and maintain its product.

Wood screen door makers, including New Jersey-based Lumberton, are suing the NFL for a variety of reasons, including negligent misrepresentation and unfair competition.