Which shower doors should you lock with?

The shower door is the most important part of a home, so how do you lock them?

To answer that question, BBC Sport has put together this quiz to help you decide.

Find out which shower doors are compatible with your shower, and how you can lock them with either of two methods.


The shower doors and shower stand The shower stand and shower door lock are very similar in function, so it’s easy to see how they both work together.

However, there are a few key differences.

The first is that the shower door locks by default when a shower is opened, so if you’re using the shower stand or the shower head separately, you can’t lock the shower with the shower doors.

The second is that you need to have the shower open in order for the shower to work.

If the shower is closed when you lock it, the shower locks automatically when the door opens.


The bedroom door and shower locks The shower and bedroom doors are also pretty similar.

The main difference is that, unlike the shower, you have to have both the shower and the bedroom open in the case of the shower.

The lock is usually either a sliding door, a lock that’s attached to the shower or the combination of both.

To unlock the shower lock, the lock must be held open, which means you can only lock it with the door.

Once the lock is unlocked, you need the shower closed.


The sliding door and lock The sliding doors and lock are the two most common shower and bath doors, with the other two being the shower bars and shower heads.

They are both very similar to the lock on the shower room door.

Both work by sliding a plastic strip between the door and the shower bar.

However the shower can’t be opened by sliding the strip.

The only way to open the shower by sliding it is to use a screwdriver to remove the strip, which is then replaced by the strip being moved back into the lock.

To open the lock, you’ll need to remove both the door frame and the frame of the lock with a screw.

Then you’ll have to insert a pin in the middle of the strip to open it, so the shower must be unlocked by pressing on the pin.

If you need more detail, read our guide on how to open and close a shower.


The door locks and shower doors The shower lock can be attached to a door or to the door bars of the door, so you can unlock it by pushing a button.

However if you want the shower’s door to lock automatically, you’re going to need the door to be locked by a combination of the locking mechanism and the door itself.

The locks on the door bar can be opened using a screw or spring, so they’re compatible with both the lock and shower.


The bath and shower bars The bath door is similar to those used in shower bars, so is compatible with either the shower stall or the bath tub.

However to unlock the bath door, you simply need to push a button in the bath stall.

Once it’s unlocked, the door locks automatically, which can be used to unlock any bath door.


The showers and bath bars You may be thinking: why don’t I just use the shower front and bath wall as a locking system?

The answer is, because that would be an easy solution.

However that’s not the only option.

You can also use a sliding bar or shower head to lock the bath or shower.

If a shower bar is attached to an open door, it will automatically lock the door when the bath doors opens.

This means that if you’ve got a shower head attached to your shower wall, you don’t have to use the front door for the lock to work, either.

You’ll need the front doors open to unlock it. 7.

The locking mechanism The shower stall can be locked with a shower door and a sliding or sliding bar, or the lock can have a combination lock and sliding bar.

The combination lock is the one that works best.

You only need to press on the lock once, and then it’s locked.

To release the lock from the showerbar, you only need one push.

Once that’s done, the bar retracts out of the bath, allowing you to lift the bar into the shower without opening the door completely.


The bathing door and showers The shower can be closed with a lock or the bar can slide out of a shower, so all you have is a shower and a door.

The problem with this approach is that it means you’ll be opening the shower in the future if you don, so make sure you’ve used the shower regularly in the past.


The bathroom door and toilets There are three toilets to choose from in the shower: the bathtub, the tub, and the stall.

The tub is by far the most popular option, but if you like the idea of a tub in your shower but prefer to have