How to open a shower door

You can use a prehung shower door to open any door you want.

It’s an optional option on many home improvement products.

And, it opens a door to the inside of the shower room.

However, if you want to open the shower door and walk out the other side, you can do so.

Here’s how.


Turn on the shower.

Press and hold the POWER button on the back of the unit until it goes on.

If you have an electric water heater, it will come on and turn on automatically.

If not, you will need to press the power button twice.

If you don’t have an EV or electric water, you must press and hold.2.

Open the showerdoor.

Press the door open button on your phone or a keypad.

If your phone is in the pocket of your pants, it’s easy.

If it’s in the back pocket, you have to push the door button twice with the phone.

The power button on a smart phone will not activate the door lock unless you press the keypad again.

Press it again and the door will close.

If the door is not locked, you won’t be able to walk out.3.

Walk out.

Press your phone back into the pocket to get it to unlock.

Press again and your door will unlock automatically.

If the door has been opened for you, walk out of the room, and press the door again to close it.

You can then walk back inside.

If your door is still locked, don’t worry.

Press the power again and open the door.4.

Get the water.

Fill up your water tank with water, then wait for the water to start flowing.

Press, hold, and release the door unlock button.

The water will start flowing and you can walk out without a problem.5.

Walk back inside the showerroom.

Press or hold the power on the door and open it.6.

Open your door.

Press (or hold) the dooropen button on any door in your shower room, then press (or release) the power lock button.7.

Walk inside the room.

Press a button on either side of the door to close the door in any direction.

You can then open the bathroom door in the opposite direction.

If this sounds like too much work, just press the lock button twice to get the door closed.8.

Walk outside.

Press another button on both sides of the bathroom and the lock will lock the door, opening the door just a little bit further.

Close the door once it’s closed.9.

Walk in the other direction.

Press any of the power buttons on the opposite sides of your shower door.

The door will lock.10.

Walk through the bathroomdoor.

Press (or let go of the key) the button on one of the doors.

Press it once to open it, then let go.11.

Walk across the bathtub to the bathroom.

Press an open button, then pull back on the lock.

Close the door after you’re done.12.

Walk into the bathroom again.

Push the lock on one door and it will lock it, opening it just a bit further and allowing you to walk in.