‘Dancing With the Stars’ alum: I’m still in love with ‘House of Cards’ and I can’t wait for the show to wrap up!

I can only imagine what a massive thrill this is for my co-star, Kevin Spacey, as he gets his Emmy nomination for the role of Frank Underwood on NBC’s hit show.

The Emmy was presented at a party hosted by his brother-in-law, John Slattery.

It was a memorable night for Spacey.

I was in tears and I cried out, ‘I am going to cry, I am going a cry, my father, my uncle, my sister, my mom, my husband, my brother, my godfather.

I am so sorry, because I love you.’

I think everyone in the house was in shock.

And then I was on my way to the door, I just said, ‘My God, you guys are so cool, I can tell you all about it.’

He was so happy, and he told me about it and everything.

And I was like, ‘Wow, this is going to be amazing.

I can just tell you this is a lot of fun.’