A new, more environmentally friendly shower door makes for a more environmentally conscious shower

The new, eco-friendly shower door from Lowes is an eco-minded shower door.

It’s called the Biscuit Shower Door.

The idea is simple: It has a zipper-lock design, making it more secure.

This door is made of 100% recycled plastic and made from recycled materials.

A little more than a week after it was introduced, the Lowes store in Portland, Oregon, sold over 50,000 of the door.

The idea behind this shower door is that it’s made to last.

That means the zipper lock, the locking mechanism that locks the door, and the water-repellent material are all made out of recycled materials and made in America.

Lowes says that the BISCUBE SHOWER DOOR is the most environmentally friendly and recyclable shower door available.

It uses a water-resistant, water-repelent polyethylene plastic, and a zippered closure that locks securely.

The new BISCUIT SHOWERDOOR has a small, zippable zipper and a water resistant, water repellent material inside.

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