How to get your closet door open by using a closet door

Door opening is an art form, so if you have a closet full of doors, it’s no wonder that a few people out there love to try and make them open.

Here are some closet door opening ideas to get you started.


Create a lockable door by opening a lock.2.

Open a lock and get ready to play.3.

Lock the door and lock yourself in, but not for long.4.

Open the door, then get ready for a surprise.5.

Lock yourself in and have fun.6.

Do this every night.7.

It’s always a surprise when you open a door.8.

A lock makes you feel like you are at home.9.

Your closet door is going to look like a treasure chest of secret treasures.10.

You will be surprised at how many times you open the door.