How to get rid of a closet door jamb

The American home owner is used to having a closet that slides shut.

But sometimes the door jammers just make the closet less convenient.

A recent discovery from Lowe’s showed that a closet drawer can be a great way to keep doors open in the middle of the night.

If you’re having trouble opening your closet door, here are five tricks that can make opening doors easier.


Remove the door jammer from the closet 2.

Use the door lock to prevent jamming 3.

Use a sliding door lock or door jammer 4.

Make the closet smaller and more compact 5.

Replace the door with a sliding lock or jammer that locks securely in place 1.

Close the door before the jammer is installed 2.

Remove a door jamber that is already installed 3.

Replace a doorjammer that has fallen off a sliding jamb 4.

Remove or remove a jammer in the doorjambs that is not being used 5.

Use an existing doorjamber that has been locked in place for a long time