How to fix a car door that’s on fire

Here are some quick tips for fixing a busted engine, cracked radiator, or broken rear door:1.

Inspect the engine, radiator, and exhaust.2.

Take apart the firewall and radiator.3.

Remove the air filter, the wiring harness, and the dash trim.4.

Reassemble the engine and radiator (if necessary).5.

Reattach the wiring, air conditioning, and power windows to the car.6.

Remove any extra bolts and nuts.7.

Replace the radiator with a new one.8.

Replace any broken or cracked parts with new ones.9.

Remove old rust or dirt with a fresh coat of rust remover.10.

Reinstall the radiator and dash trim (if required).11.

Re-install the air conditioner, air pump, and air conditioning.12.

Reapply the new radiator and trim.13.

Replace the dash and dash board.14.

Replace all the doors and windows if needed.15.

Replace anything else that is still in need of repair.16.

Reinstant the radiator, air condition, and trim and check engine.