White House defends Trump’s new immigration policy as it moves to restrict new arrivals

President Donald Trump on Monday said the administration will not “significantly restrict immigration from Mexico,” despite the threat from the city of New York and other cities.

In his first major policy address since he took office in January, Trump made the announcement in a video address that followed a series of executive orders to cut off funding to sanctuary cities, end birthright citizenship, and make it easier for immigrants to apply for legal permanent residency.

But he did not directly address the question of the city’s sanctuary policy, which is aimed at preventing unauthorized immigrants from entering the United States.

He reiterated his pledge to make Mexico pay for the wall.

The announcement is the latest effort by Trump to undermine the political support he enjoys among white working-class voters.

While Trump has long promised to crack down on illegal immigration, his efforts to do so have largely been limited to building walls on the southern border and building a border wall on the United State’s southern border.

“It’s time to build a wall on our southern border,” Trump said.

“We will have Mexico pay.”

His pledge to stop Mexico from sending undocumented immigrants across the border has gained traction, particularly among white voters, who support a border fence and want to punish Mexico for its role in the drug trade.

Trump’s immigration agenda has come under criticism for its potential impact on U.S. manufacturing jobs.

He has pledged to bring back the “dreamers” — undocumented immigrants brought to the United