Which Door Jam Replacement Cabinet Doors Should I Replace?

There is a sliding patio door jam that could damage your kitchen or your patio.

These doors jam because the door hinges are too thin, making it harder to close.

If you have a door jam or are unsure if it’s the door jam you need to replace, you can always check the doorjam on your door, to see if it looks like this:When you open the door, the door jams and you can see the door opening.

You will notice that the door is now wide open.

If the door was closed properly, you will not notice this, because the hinges are not too thin.

The door jam can also be caused by other door jam problems, like poor hinge design, door jamming or door jammer door.

You may want to check the hinge design on your hinges.

The hinge design is critical to the strength of your door jam.

To learn how to fix a doorjam, check out How to Fix Door Jamming.

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