What is an electronic door lock?

A Christmas Day deliveryman found an electronic device in a Christmas-themed delivery box, and he is asking the public for help in finding it.CBS 2’s Steve Carrell reported that Daniel Brown, a New Jersey resident, was surprised to find the device inside a Christmas package.

The package had been shipped to him from a family friend who wanted to give the package a gift, but had been in the wrong address.

“It was pretty heavy, and I thought, ‘Is this real?'”

Brown told CBS 2.

He found a door lock, which he was able to break by hitting it against the box.

“The box, the door lock on it, was kind of hanging on the edge of the box,” Brown said.

“So I tried to get it off the box, I tried, and it was pretty tight.”

The door lock was broken by the deliveryman who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Brown had just ordered a package of Christmas decorations for his son, and Brown thought the package was supposed to be delivered this week.

But the package had not arrived yet.

When Brown called his son and asked if he wanted to have it delivered on December 25, his son told him no, Brown said, but that he’d wait.

The door alarm went off, but Brown wasn’t aware the door was broken until the next morning.

The package arrived on December 26, and the deliverymen told Brown they didn’t know why it was there, but they had delivered the decorations to the wrong house.

The family called the police and Brown was charged with a crime.

“We didn’t even know that they were out there,” Brown’s son told CBS2.

“It’s just really upsetting.

I mean, it’s just a dumb mistake.”