‘Sliding’ shower doors open to let you in

Sliding shower doors have been around for a while, but they’re not really as common as you might think.

But there’s a new product that lets you take advantage of them.

Read moreHere’s how it works.

When you use the sliding door, it automatically opens when you step on the water and closes when you turn around.

You have to use a keypad on the shower head to activate the door.

Once you do, you can use the showerhead to make it open to the next room.

It can also be used to open doors to different rooms on the property, and it’s also available for those who don’t have the room key.

There are two ways to use this shower door: It’s either a simple keypad-activated sliding door or you can manually press it and it’ll slide open.

The product is currently available in a number of colors and models, but it has a limited number of locations, so it’ll be a while before it’s available everywhere.

You can check out a video of how it operates on our YouTube channel for more information.