‘It’s not my house’: Mother of missing 4-year-old found alive and well says she’s “100 percent” sure her son was murdered

A family member of a 4-day-old girl who disappeared from their home in rural North Carolina has told local media that they believe her body is in the barn doors of their barn in the nearby town of Biffle.

The girl’s body was found Friday night, hours after her mother went missing.

The family member said they have no clue where the girl went.

Police believe the girl is the daughter of the family’s owner, but have not given any details on how she got into the barn or how long she was there.

They say they don’t know if she is in jail.

In the hours after she disappeared, a neighbor reported seeing the girl outside the home, but did not provide additional details.

Authorities are also searching for two other children, ages 5 and 7, who were in the home on Friday and who are now at large.