How to get your home door locked or burglarized

A burglar or burgler who enters your home and knocks on your door will most likely open your door.

There are a few steps to securing your home from intruders, such as:Lock and key:Secure the door with a door lock.

Lock the door securely with a key.

Lock a lock and a key separately and lock both at the same time.

Use a locking pad to prevent any keys or locks from being stolen.

Keep your door in good repair:If you lock the door, you can also prevent any locks from coming loose or breaking.

If you need to fix the door to prevent it from being opened, take it to a reputable repair shop and pay a professional.

Lock your bed:If your bed is too small to fit through the door into the room, consider replacing it with a longer bed.

If your bed isn’t large enough, make sure it is in a different room.

Make sure the bed is secure and you are responsible for it, and don’t leave it unattended.

Lock your bed in a safe place:If the burglar steals your bed and takes it away, lock it up in a secure place and never let the burgler get access to it.

Make a note of where it is stored and keep a copy of the lock.

Make it available to your family and friends when the burgling is over.

Check your security system:When you think of your home, it might sound a bit intimidating.

Do you have a lock or door to lock up your home?

If so, do you have an alarm system to check if your home is secure?

Do you always lock your doors, windows, and windowsills?

If not, there are a number of other measures that could keep your home safe and secure.