How to fix your car’s interior after the car has been painted

There’s a lot to like about the look of a vehicle after it has been paint-polished.

However, when it comes to the interior, there are some things you should know.

Read moreExterior fiberglas doorsThe exterior of your car can be either painted or wood.

Wood is usually easier to paint than the paint you see on the dash, so it is best to get the interior painted before you get the exterior.

If you don’t paint, you will need to paint the interior once the exterior is painted.

You can get a primer kit for the exterior, but if you paint the door trim before you have the interior primer, the paint won’t stick to the trim, so you will have to sand it to get it to stick.

Wood also takes longer to dry and you can’t get a lot of air out of it.

There are some tips you can use to help you get an even better finish on the interior before you paint it.

You will need: 1 piece of wood