Electronic door locks for the holiday season are more expensive than you think, a study suggests

Electronic door lock locks for sale on Amazon.com for $99.99, the cheapest in the catalog, were more expensive to purchase than the cheapest plastic locks, according to a study from the University of Utah.

It’s worth noting that researchers from the university used the cheapest lock available on Amazon, which had an E3 sensor and was the cheapest of the three options.

The researchers said that the higher cost of the lock was due to the fact that it was a plastic version that required a battery to operate, which was more expensive and required installation.

The researchers also noted that the E3 was the least expensive option available in the lock catalog.

The study found that the plastic version was $50 cheaper than the plastic E3, but the researchers noted that other types of locks also cost more.

In addition, the plastic locks were more difficult to install and maintain, which made them more susceptible to breakage and theft.