Canadian woman says she’s ‘showering like a fool’ in bathroom

A Canadian woman has been charged with three counts of uttering threats after allegedly saying on social media she was “showerin’ like a f***in fool”.

Police say the woman made the comments on a Facebook group called “Shower like a F***in Fool” and then posted them on Instagram.

In one of the posts, the woman claimed she would shower in a toilet if someone came into the shower stall with her.

The woman also posted a photo of her face and a picture of a toilet, saying she was ready to pee.

Police say they were called to a house in Brossard on Monday where the woman said she lived.

A search of the woman’s home revealed a knife, a hammer, and several other weapons.

The police investigation began when they received a report of an assault and a person in the home who was identified as the woman who had made the posts.

A 22-year-old woman was arrested on the spot.

She was later released on bail.

The alleged threats were made in April, after she was accused of threatening another woman with a knife.