Black door trim: Black trim from door to fence

By Jodi StadtmillerThe front door of the house in the village of Tzurah in the northern West Bank has a white trim.

The trim, which was installed in 2005, had a black trim on the inside.

The doors of the houses adjacent to the village are also decorated with a white door trim.

The black trim in the house is the result of a dispute over land between the village and the local municipality.

According to the municipality, the owner of the property disputes with the village for the right to access the land for a construction project.

The owner was granted a permit to build on the property and later took it back.

The owner’s legal team sued the municipality over the dispute, saying that the owner’s right to the land was violated by the municipality’s refusal to permit the construction.

The legal battle is ongoing.

On May 3, 2015, a court ordered the municipality to allow construction of a new house on the land.

But the municipality denied the construction permits, saying the owner had not obtained permission.

In September 2015, the municipality appealed to the Jerusalem District Court to overturn the decision, arguing that the municipality has the authority to issue permits, and that the permit process was not affected by the case.

However, the Jerusalem Court rejected the appeal, and in December, the court issued a decision upholding the municipality.

The village is appealing the ruling.

The case is scheduled to be heard in the High Court on April 23.