Which county hotel has the lowest price of all?

Lubbock, Texas, Oct. 16 (UPI) — The cheapest room in the county hotel room category is $5,500 for a single bed in a room costing just $3,500.

A room with four or more beds costs $6,500, the cheapest county hotel.

Lubbocks largest county, Williamson County, has the third cheapest county house, with a price of $7,500 per room.

The cheapest county motel, Hogshead County, is $2,500 cheaper than a county home, but with a room price of just $1,200 per night.

All of Lubbons hotels have a “one night” minimum for staying at a county hotel, meaning it will be a one-night minimum for lodging.

County home prices are also higher than in other counties.

The county home is the highest priced in the state, at $2.4 million.