Glass front doors at lowes, bathroom door, lowes doors could be removed

Lowes Home Improvement says it is considering the removal of its glass front door at its store in the West Virginia town of Westfield.

The store is located at the Westfield Walmart in Westfield, and according to its website, it is an employee owned business.

A spokesperson for the store, which opened in 2011, said the store would be removing its glass door and adding a new door that will have a metal frame to keep the glass from falling off.

“The new door will be the same as the one that is currently in place,” the spokesperson said.

Lowes is also asking the Westfalia County Department of Natural Resources for permission to remove its glass doors from the parking lot at the store.

The company said it would not be removing the glass doors on its website.

A representative from the department said the department has been in touch with the company to discuss the matter.

“They have informed us that they will be removing glass doors in accordance with the county’s requirements,” the department spokesman said.

“We are currently reviewing the process to see if we can make the request and will provide a more detailed update as soon as we can.”

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